If you want your business to be working to its best level then you have to understand the need to back up important data that is vital to your company. There is always the risk that a malfunction or a power loss might corrupt your data which will damage how your whole business works, it doesn’t really matter how efficient your system is, if it doesn’t have backup utilities installed in it, you might end up some serious data and money. This is one of the major reasons why businesses and companies focus on installing proper reliable backup systems to that they can recover data when something bad happens. Smart companies usually opt for a good reliable backup system which come in two types: On site backups and off site backups

On site storage usually means that all the important data of the business ins stored on physical storage devices such as hard drives, CDs, memory cards, magnetic tapes, discs such as DVDs or CDs etc. This is done periodically such as on a daily or weekly or even monthly basis. All of this is done offline and is present on storage media that can be physically accessed easily. Whereas in off site storage, data is stored online using a type of network, usually the internet, which can then be easily retrieved and accessed. The network needs to be strong if large amount of data has to be transferred back and forth.

The companies that choose on site storage over off site storage oftentimes end up getting the most benefits because of several reasons which are discussed below:

You have instant access to your data stored because it is offline and internet is not being used

It will cost less money as all data is being stored at a single place

You don’t need to have internet in order to store and retrieve data from storage devices

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