What is the “Cloud”?

The term “Cloud” simply means using a computer network like the Internet, to provide applications, services and resources, such as servers, to businesses. By leveraging the Cloud, it allows businesses to pay fixed monthly costs for those resources, lowering the overhead of maintaining their own hardware infrastructure while increasing availability of those resources to their staff.

iSmart IT offers our clients a wide array of Cloud services. The Cloud solutions we offer provide our clients with services customized to their individual needs and budget. Using a wide variety of national vendors as well as vendors worldwide, iSmart IT can accommodate any size organization or requirement. By leveraging cloud-based services, our clients can eliminate or reduce the amount of expensive server hardware and software required for day-to-day operations, and reduce downtime and data loss due to fire, theft, or natural disaster.

For rapidly growing organizations, iSmart IT’s Cloud services can help cut wait times and costs on hardware and licensing due to the Cloud’s scalability and the ability to upgrade on the fly. Need to add a hundred new staff to your organization quickly? With a Cloud-based solution from iSmart IT, our clients no longer need to wait for capacity planning on existing infrastructure or worry about the expense of upgrading or replacing costly server hardware to accommodate the extra staff. And our Cloud service clients only pay for the licenses they use.

At iSmart IT, we provide several Cloud service options including Office365, as well as Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud solutions to fit your individual requirements. Please contact us to discuss the option that best suits your business today!

Virtual Private Servers (VPS)

We offer virtual private servers that are an excellent, efficient and highly cost-effective solution for your business if you are looking to host websites or lightweight applications.

Dedicated Servers

With a wide range of dedicated server options and a multitude of hardware options to choose from, your business can get the most performance out of your applications, files and databases.

Off-site Backup Storage

Corporate data is the backbone of business today. We offer many solutions to handle a wide variety of backup options securely, ensuring your data is safe from any type of disaster.

Hosted Email Services

Email has become a critical part of doing business in the modern world. Leveraging the power of the Cloud, we can offer our clients high-availability, secure and cost-effective email solutions.

Cloud-based Applications

Cloud-based applications such as Office 365 can not only reduce licensing costs for business, they can also greatly increase security. Cloud-based applications are always up-to-date, available on a wide range of systems and devices, and offer a fixed monthly cost to help departments and businesses better manage their budget(s).