Are you Having frequent network support issues or networking glitches? iSmart IT is one of the leading technological companies currently working in the [INSERT AREA]. We offer reliable network design and network maintenance services. It is actually very common for websites or company networks to experience down time due to a network design fault. Downtimes not only cost money while the network is down but they also cost more money to repair and maintain. Which is why we take this part of the network design process very seriously. We offer reliable network designs that are guaranteed to keep your network up and running. We promise you complete network stability. Furthermore, we at iSmart IT have tailored services depending on our clients’ specific needs, so that you end up with a high performance enhanced networking system designed by experts specific for your businesses communications or data needs, all staying within your budget.

Our technical staff at iSmart IT dedicate themselves in providing clients with a well maintained comprehensive network design and first time network integrations setup for all kinds of businesses, it doesn’t matter if your business is small or medium or of a complex international scale. iSmart IT has got your network setup needs covered. So if you need a new high tech networking system installed that performs to the highest efficiency possible, or resetup an existing networking system. iSmart IT can provide good quality assistance according to what your business’s networking needs are. Your computing networks will be designed by iSmart IT and setup in a fairly reasonable time whilst staying within your budget. We start at the most basic level in order to plan according to an initial strategic draft. Then we go onto applications development and the process of designing individual modules for the networking system.

iSmart IT can help you with various network designs and initial setups involving and/or related to the following:

  • Complete Network Design consultancy session
  • Local Area Network or Wide Area Network setup
  • Computer Network design
  • Network Backup and storage solutions
  • Wireless network set up – Wireless Routers, Access Points, Wireless Routers and Network Cards
  • Server set up along with complete cable management
  • Network Backup and Disaster recovery plans
  • Data cabling including Wireless set up, phone, internet set up – Cat3, Cat5, Cat6, Ethernet
  • Troubleshoot Network issues
  • Network Performance Analysis