Email has become a critical part of doing business in the modern world. Leveraging the power of the Cloud, iSmart IT can offer our clients high-availability, secure and cost-effective email solutions.

On-site email servers are expensive propositions. There are hardware costs, maintenance costs for ensuring spam and malware configurations are up-to-date, and over time as an organization grows, there are upgrades, storage and archiving costs to be considered as well.

By moving your organization’s email to a hosted email provider through iSmart IT, those costs are eliminated and replaced by a low monthly payment per mailbox. Your company email can be accessed on a multitude of devices and systems, and the increased uptime means fewer missed or dropped emails due to hardware failure or mis-configuration. Branding is maintained by using your company’s domain name (eg: iSmart IT can also assist your business in setting up a company domain.

At iSmart IT we have a hosted email service for almost any budget or business strategy. If your organization would be better served by using a commercial email address such as Outlook, GMail, Yahoo Mail or other platforms, iSmart IT can assist in those configurations as well.

Please contact iSmart IT today to learn more about our email hosting packages and providers to see which solution is best suited for your organization!